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Solid Fiber Tier Sheets, Pallet Pads & Pallet Caps

The key to a stable pallet load

Chain-of-custody certified, Recycled content, Renewable, Recyclable, Repulpable, Compostable

Kraft linerboard laminated and coated to fit your transport needs

Customize Solid Fiber Tier Sheets for durable stackable surfaces to ensure the stability and safety of your palletized loads. Using multiple plies of kraft linerboard, Slip Sheets cost-effectively replace chipboard separators and plastic tier sheets to pack glass, plastic, and metal containers. Design features like rounded corners eliminate or reduce puncture of stretch film and strapping damage.

If you want to improve your packaging impact, our paperboard Tier Sheets combine certified renewable fibers, bioplastic, and recycled raw materials. Our Standard Tier Sheets are comprised of sustainably-sourced virgin or recycled kraft linerboard with a 100% biodegradable, water-based polyvinyl acetate (PVA) adhesive. We utilize additives and coatings for additional performance related to anti-slip, moisture barrier, and compostability. The type of coating and lamination determines end-of-use recovery potential.

Paperboard Tier Sheets can also be used as Pallet Pads beneath your products on the bottom of the pallet to protect from protruding nails and to prevent bulging of bagged products. Placed on top of your load, Tier Sheets serve as Pallet Caps for 5-sided protection from moisture and dirt ingress, providing a sturdy surface for pallet stacking.

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Tier Sheet Benefits

Compared To Slip Sheets
No Sheets
  • Improve stability of stacked products and packaging containers
  • Limit contamination from one layer to another
  • When coated with PE or bioplastic, offers moisture barrier
  • When used as a Pallet Pad, protect goods from dirt, nails, and splinters common with wooden pallets, as well as bagged products from bulging between gaps
  • When used as a Pallet Cap, provide a sturdy surface for additional stacking
  • Protect up to 6 sides of the pallet when used in combination with Pallet Pad & Pallet Cap
Corrugated Cardboard Sheets
  • When coated with PE or bioplastic, resist high humidity in refrigeration and cold storage
  • Achieve source reduction with similar load weight strength for less cost
  • Do not collapse under excessive weight
  • Do not reduce load capacity, if punctured
  • Offer space efficiency for storage
Plastic Tier Sheets
  • More cost-effective

Tier Sheet Specifications

Size 44” x 56”
48” x 40”
Custom sizes available
Thickness Caliper: .046”
Custom calipers: .020” to .120”
Moisture 6-9%
Curl 0” target up to 1/4”
Rounded Corner Radius Up to 4 inches
Available Coatings Anti-slip
We offer the ability to cut rounded corners that follow the shape of your product, up to 4″ in radius

Tier Sheet Options

  Standard Tier Sheets* Non-Slip Tier Sheets Moisture Barrier PE Coated Tier Sheets* Moisture Barrier Compostable Tier Sheets*
Description Linerboard laminated with PVA Linerboard with top-side anti-slip coating laminated with PVA Linerboard with top-side PE coating laminated with PVA or PE Linerboard with top-side bioplastic coating laminated with PVA
Raw Materials        
Supplier Fiber Chain-of-Custody Certified**
Renewable Fiber
Renewable Bioplastic      
Recycled PE      
Packaging Recovery        
100% Recyclable    

* Also used as Pallet Pads & Pallet Caps

** Chain-of-Custody Certified: Specialty Coating & Laminating sources fiber from suppliers with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) chain-of-custody certification for forest management, controlled sources, and reclaimed materials Ask for our supplier certificates.