Poly Kraft Paperboard

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SFI and FSC Chain-of-Custody Certified Sources
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Made with Paper, a Renewable Resource
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End Product

Recyclable, OGR (Oil and Grease Resistant) Paperboard with Optimized Printability

Specialty Coating & Laminating’s poly coated kraft paperboard is engineered specially for folding carton converters who need a high performing product with maximum printability. 

Perfect for converting into delivery take-out boxes for food service industries, our paperboard’s poly coating is resistant to oil and grease and holds up against water and moisture.

Features & Benefits
Packaging Applications
Product Specifications



  • Minimum Roll Width: 45 inches
  • Maximum Roll Width: 128 inches
* Custom Sizes Available


Structure Options

  • PE / Kraft Paperboard


  • 2 Layer

Process Description

  • Extrusion Coating

Color Options

  • Brown
  • White
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