MET PET Gold Metallic Paper Laminate

136" Wide

Extrusion or functional coating
and laminating in one location!

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Roll Wrap

Roll Wrap

Recyclable and repulpable grades
available up to 136" wide

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Colored Coatings

One-Stop Shop

Uniquely suited to handle projects that would
normally be sent to multiple manufacturers,
see what's possible with us!

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Roll Wrap Heat Sealable Liners

Roll Wrap | Heat Sealable Liners

Full range of widths, up to 136″ wide.

Corrugator Liners

Corrugator & Folding Box Liners

Full range of basis weights, from 17 to 190lb.

Colored and Functional Aqueous Coatings

Colored & Functional Aqueous Coatings

Colored repulpable and functional high-tech coatings.

Extrusion Coatings And Laminates

Extrusion Coatings & Laminates

Moisture barrier laminates for corrugators, roll wrap, and industrial packaging.

Composite Salt Can Components

Composite Can End Caps

End caps and sidewall components available with or without moisture barriers.

Coated Synthetic Reinforcements

Coated Synthetic Reinforcements

Woven or non-woven, perforated or non-perforated.


SC&L is one of the only facilities in the world that has both laminating and coating in one plant. Combine that with our extra wide (up to 136″) capabilities, and we are uniquely suited to handle many projects that would normally have to go to more than one manufacturer. SC&L also has a heavy emphasis on product development and technical support. These things, along with our convenient Mid-Atlantic location, are important assets in meeting our customer’s requirements.

Our unique collection of equipment and capabilities will save you time and money.


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