Coated Synthetic Reinforcements

Woven or non-woven, perforated or non-perforated

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Functional Aqueous Coatings

Colored repulpable and functional high-tech coatings

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Composite Can End Caps

End caps and sidewall components available with or without moisture barriers

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Corrugator & Folding Box Liners

Full range of basis weights, from 17 to 190lb

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Extrusion Coatings & Laminates

Moisture barrier laminates for corrugators, roll wrap, and industrial packaging

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Roll Wrap Protection

Full range of widths, up to 136″

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About Specialty Coating & Laminating

SCL is one of the few facilities in the world that has both laminating and coating in one plant. Combine that with our extra-wide (up to 136″) capabilities, and we are uniquely suited to handle many projects that would normally have to go to more than one manufacturer. SCL also has a heavy emphasis on product development and technical support. These things, along with our convenient Mid-Atlantic location, are important assets in meeting our customer’s requirements.

Our unique collection of equipment and capabilities will save you time and money.