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About Us

SC&L is one of the only facilities in the world that has both laminating and coating in one plant. Combine that with our extra wide (up to 136″) capabilities, and we are uniquely suited to handle many projects that would normally have to go to more than one manufacturer. SC&L also has a heavy emphasis on product development and technical support. These things, along with our convenient Mid-Atlantic location, are important assets in meeting our customer’s requirements.

Our unique collection of equipment and capabilities will save you time and money.

Protecting what’s valuable

We are committed to being the trusted partner brands need by innovating, manufacturing and delivering products and services that protect the long-term sustainability of our communities, customers, suppliers and the environment.

Our purpose is helping you achieve yours

Every day, across the country, our people come to work with a shared purpose—to enhance businesses and enrich lives. Whether it’s paper or fabric, we envision, engineer, and manufacture solutions that are reliable, high-performing, and technically advanced. Solutions that do the job, then do it again.

But we don’t stop there, because the Specialty Coating & Laminating family believes we have a duty to protect the communities we live in. It’s why we’re driven to create opportunities for people just as we create solutions for businesses as an essential part of their value chain.

This sense of protection and purpose is at the heart of the INDEVCO Way. From our responsibly sourced materials and manufacturing processes to our packaging solutions, we are deeply committed to protecting our people, our customers, our suppliers—and the communities and world we live in.

Corporate Philosophy

“What is good for the community is good for the company. What is good for the company, we will strive to do excellently and in a way that enriches the lives of our people. The objective of each member company will be to resolve one or more of the problems, which now hamper the social and economic development of the community. They will demonstrate that private companies with social spirit can, in some areas, contribute more effectively than government institutions. In solving these problems they can also be profitable and finance their own growth.”

Georges N. Frem

Founder of INDEVCO